Bye bye, Entrecard.

I received an email from “Your Entrecard account has been deleted” was the email title. Huh? What is going on? My account was deleted due to “Stolen content/No original content” as reason for my website.

Hmm… I did not get much Entrecard credit lately. And did not get much hit from Entrecard advertising too. I am thinking of getting out all my Entrecard credit by selling off all of them. However, before I am able to do so. My account got deleted. Hey, I still have 11,000++ credit there. Some of the credits are coming from my other blogs.

Why Entrecard deleted my account now? And why without any warning? It is not professional at all. Anyway, I will save out some of my time by not dropping EC. Use it on other places.

By the way, just in case you still want to join Entrecard. Be sure that you fulfill their blog quality requirements.

Me? No way…