Canon 7D vs Nikon D700

Hmm…. Photography topic should be posted at but I want to put it here. Why? It deals with money.

I want to buy a new camera body from my existing Canon EOS 400D. It is just 1.6x crop body. Plan to buy a full frame body in near future. I have 2 options to choose. Canon EOS 7D which is also 1.6x crop but with better focus sensor and has video function. Or the Nikon D700 full frame body with no video ability. I don’t even think of Canon EOS 5D Mark II due to its poor focus sensor. It is almost as poor as Canon 400D ~ 9 points with 1 center cross type sensor. However, it is not a simple decision to change to Nikon because I have several lens like 18-55mm lens, 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens, 50mm f/1.4 lens and 580EX II flash. I need to sell everything if jump ship to Nikon. But I really love the image quality of full frame body.

Looking around the web forum on buying and selling column lately. Most of the prices offer was low. Camera body price dropped the most due to new technology coming out. Luckily, the price of the lenses do not drop unless a replacement lens comes out. That is a long time because lens usually get replace in 10+ years time while body in 2 years. So better invest in lens more than body.

Guess what? I think that I have decided to stay with Canon for some times. I look at my lenses. They are so new. I am not willing to sell them off at low price. Hmm… Should I buy Canon 7D or Nikon D700?

By the way, after thinking and wondering for answer. I think that I better do this…

Focus on taking photo, not the camera and lens.