First FKLI observation @ 14-04-2011

US market closed flat today morning with Nasdaq up 0.61%. I made my own first prediction before I went to sleep last night. If 3 of the US indexes went up more than 0.5%, then I can long FKLI at 1535. Else short at that point. Note – KLCI closed at 1535.59 (up 9.67).

Nikkei was down around 0.4% in early morning. So I predicted KLCI will continue the downturn also. However, FKLI went up from 1531 to 1535.5 in the first 18 minutes (KLCI went up to 1540.55). Hmm… This does not match to what I have predicted. It should go down. Hehe… My prediction was true. FKLI went down to 1520.5 in the next 10 minutes (KLCI dropped to 1528.36). And hover around 1524.5 to 1528.5 then…


I will keep on monitor and learn to look at the technical part. Hopefully, can starting to earn without paying too much ‘education fee’.