First FKLI trade ~ Gain!!!

Finally, I made my very first step on FKLI investment. Being studying and watching the FKLI index went up and down for the past 1 month. I found out 1 thing ~ you can’t do day trade with phone call. The price goes up or down too fast before you manages to get your stock dealer. And here go your desired price. So I signed up an online account. It is much easier and faster compare to phone call.

FKLI ~ 2011-05-03

FKLI has around 5 points discount when compare to KLCI. People do not look good on the near market. So I took the chance to short FKLI at 1530 at 10am. Planned to buy back at 1525. But it went back to 1528.5 from 1526.5. So I placed buy call on 1527 at the end. Finally, it matched and I earned RM500 after deducted RM250 service charges (5 lots). But the FKLI went to 1524 after I bought it. Err… The KLCI is better than morning at 1532 ~ 8 points discount. Wow…

Lesson learns. Set your own target, and don’t change it unless special event happen like Japan earthquake incident.