First FKLI trade ~ Gain!!!

Finally, I made my very first step on FKLI investment. Being studying and watching the FKLI index went up and down for the past 1 month. I found out 1 thing ~ you can’t do day trade with phone call. The price goes up or down too fast before you manages to get your stock dealer. And here go your desired price. So I signed up an online account. It is much easier and faster compare to phone call.

FKLI ~ 2011-05-03

FKLI has around 5 points discount when compare to KLCI. People do not look good on the near market. So I took the chance to short FKLI at 1530 at 10am. Planned to buy back at 1525. But it went back to 1528.5 from 1526.5. So I placed buy call on 1527 at the end. Finally, it matched and I earned RM500 after deducted RM250 service charges (5 lots). But the FKLI went to 1524 after I bought it. Err… The KLCI is better than morning at 1532 ~ 8 points discount. Wow…

Lesson learns. Set your own target, and don’t change it unless special event happen like Japan earthquake incident.

  • Sounds like gambling…

    • Hehe… Better than gambling because you can study it based on technical market data.

    • No, it’s not a gambling… It’s just a planning to me..

  • wah. Become expert trader already 😛 Same like my friends

    • Still beginner.. Need to learn a lot…

  • WOW, you traded 5 lots on your first trade? Whats your capital?

    And RM50 is expensive for brokerage fee


    • Hehe… Can’t see anything with 1-2 lots. 😛

      You need to have RM2700 to buy 1 lot (for overnight trade). RM50 fee is considered cheap if it move up or down a lot like today. Too bad I bought back already.

  • Recent market seems to be going down, I didn’t manage to capture the down trend in last 2 days as my broker is on 1 week holiday, and someone is passing me around to call some other branch. 🙁

    Do you mind to share which online brokerage you are using for FKLI? Is there any monthly charge or minimum trade required per month?

    • I am using OSK Online DMA Futures Trading.
      Online rate – RM42 per lot. Day trade – RM40 per lot.
      No monthly charges but OSK reserves the right to suspend online access if fail to trade an average 20 lots per month (average of 2 latest months).

      • Thanks for sharing that information man! I’m using OSK as well, but I didn’t use their online system as I normally have 2 to 3 entry per months, MAX, so don’t feel to get tied down to minimum monthly commitment.

        I will be calling AmBank Futures and HLeFutures later today to check out their package for online DMA, thanks again for sharing and happy trading.

  • seriously you r the man…hehehe…been reading n hoping one day i can earn much more than u…and now your in the investment part…wow

  • Aida

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