How to block WordPress spam comments?

I receive lot of spam comments lately. They managed to slip through Akismet spam filtering. Something likes “I would prefer Infolinks over Kontera because they pay much better.” Hmm… Did Infolinks have something to do with it?

Spam comments

Got these 2 comments on different blogs. Both coming from the same IP but with different name and email address. Look like spam comments to me. So I spammed them.

How to block WordPress spam comments? Do install Akismet plugin on your blog. It will help filter a lot of spam comments. One or two spam comments might slip through from time to time. But Akismet plugin does block most of them. You can help Akismet too by identify spam comments by spam it.

Download WordPress Akismet plugin here.

  • Some spam comment manage to pass the Akismet wall. I tried to install Math Spam Protection Plugin but it doesn’t help much. Seriously these guy gave me real headache 😀

    • Yaya… Me too can’t stop them. Getting 2-3 slipped through spam comments per day now.

  • I would prefer to approve each comment or require a login to post comment

    • Haha… I hate register at WordPress blog. Therefore, I did not leave comment at your blog even I visited every time. 😛

  • yeah, I hate registration too, but I hate spam comment more

    • Then you will have less interaction between readers. Just like this reply comment. It will send an email to you. My readers use this function to interact. You will have more page hit then. 🙂

  • OK, agree.