I got my 6th Innity Performance Network payment

Yeah… I got my 6th Innity Performance Network payment already. This time is not a cheque but direct banking transfer. The payment was done on 16 August 2010 and it was not floating like cheque clearance.

Innity June payment

I only enable CPM campaign in Innity Performance Network. And the earning depends on advertisers a lot. I will get very less income from Innity if few CPM campaigns are assigned. Why I disable CPC campaign? Image ads do not work well in CPC mode. Fewer clicks compare to CPC text link ads like Google AdSense on the same above the fold placement. Seem like Malaysian don’t like to click on image ads.

Do you click on ads?

  • Hi, Congratulation for the payment!

    I’ve got mine too. ~RM360 accumulated for 2 months.

    I agree with you, CPC ads from Innity will get very few clicks. However, on my blog Nuffnang is the worse. Only RM7 for the past 8 months!!

    • Yeah… Way better than mine. May I know which channel are you in Innity?

      Haha… As for Nuffnang, they assign ads manually. So you might get lesser campaign == less earning.

      • I am on business & finance channel. Last months also good, get RM260+. because of many CPM. But this month drop tremendously.

        I plan to drop Nuffnang for good.

        • Cool… Seem like business & finance channel is better than technology channel.

          Err… I am working hard to increase spBlogger.com page view and unique visitors hits. Hope that I can enter business & finance channel on this blog. But Innity increased their requirements too 100,000 Pageviews and 20,000 Unique Visitors per month.

          When can I get that kind of traffic?

          • how about using subdomain of the approved domain? 🙂

            • Last time I asked ~ It is okay. Just put the ad code and get started.

  • I still have not received payment may and June: (
    my channel parenting,woman and malay.

  • bro,

    haiya 82 ringgit only

    bukan u biasa ribu2 ker income hehe

    never try innity.

    gud luck to with innity

    • kira oklah tu. banyak gak tu..hehe

  • sometimes, i click the ads. Might be just want to know something.

    good. I hope i also will earn more from innity next time.

  • i also working hard to list another site of mine.. but innity new requirement is really annoying.

  • emm..innity. Have to try first.