Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) Target Price ~ 24-04-2011

NASDAQ: INTC is the only US stock that I have. I owned it before I left Intel. And I set for sell at $24 (granted price) but it never reaches after 1 year. Should I keep the selling price at $24 or reduce it? Here are the latest INTC target prices from several research firms. Maybe they can help me to make the decision…

INTC stock performance for the past 1 year

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) Target Price

FBR Capital – $27.00
Longbow Research – $30.00
Goldman Sachs – $21.00
JPMorgan Chase & Co. – $25.00
Stifel Nicolaus – $31.00
Piper Jaffray – $22.50
UBS AG – $28.50

Average INTC Target Price ~ $26.42

Intel stock price was going side way for the past year around $20 to $22. Why? It failed to deliver its new market segment products like discrete 3D card and mobile chip for smartphone and tablet. Luckily, Intel stated that it is back on track with it latest mobile chip for smartphone and tablet. Hopefully, it won’t delay it again and again like its discrete 3D card.

Personally, price between $23 to $24 is good to sell if you don’t want to hold INTC for long term. Else sell at $25 if you have faith with Intel…

via: American Consumer News