Internet income report for September 2008

Yes. Google AdSense earning continue to break new record. However, Nuffnang and Kontera earning has dropped. Besides, I spent some marketing fees to bring traffic. Therefore, earning for September is lower than normal period.

Internet income report for September 2008

Google AdSense – US$ 140.65 (RM 479.61)
Nuffnang – US$ 27.51 (RM 93.81)
ADSDAQ – US$ 22.28 (RM 75.97)
Kontera – US$ 3.68 (RM 12.54)

Marketing fee – US$ 61.58 (RM 210)

Grand Total: US$ 132.54 (RM 451.93)

I did not benchmark on the traffic bring by the marketing campaign that I ran last month. Will do some research on it, and will decide to continue the marketing plan or not.