Make money online with Nuffnang

Nuffnang was the first local online advertisement company that I signed up. I signed up on 25 May 2007. So far, Nuffnang is still the best local online advertisement company. I earned more than RM220 since I joined last year. And I am still happy with Nuffnang.

There are several ways to earn money with Nuffnang. Nuffnang provides 2 Ad types and advertorials. The 2 Ad types are Cost Per Unique Visitor Ads (geo_CPM) and CPC Ads (global_CPC). Below are the descriptions of each type of Ad…

Earnings for Cost Per Unique Visitor Ads (geo_CPM)
They are calculated based on the number of unique visitors to a blog when an ad campaign is being run. Basically, you have to achieve a minimum amount of 20 unique visitors to your blog and maintain that amount in order to be in the running to receive Cost Per Unique Visitor Ads. Then, you can sit back and relax while our advertisers select the blogs on which to run their ad campaigns on. Should you be selected, you will be notified by email based on the type and the duration of the ad campaign.

CPC Ads (global_CPC)
Any blogger registered with Nuffnang is automatically eligible run have CPC Ads. You will be paid each time the ad is clicked on and your earnings will appear at the end of the week.

Advertorials is when a particular blogger is paid to write about an advertiser’s product in his/her blog. The blogger will be paid per post because of its better reach.

geo_CPM is the highest paying Ad at Nuffnang. The pay rate is based on the unique visitor at your blog or Nuffnang’s term – band. For example, visitor from 0 to 50 is counted at band 1. 51 to 100 is counted as band 2. And so on… The higher band you have == the higher pay rate you will get. As I mentioned before, you need to have at least 20 unique visitors per day to entitle to have campaign. My first campaign was on 10 June 2007. And I only earn RM1.50 for that campaign. I managed to get band 11 – RM31.69 for 1 campaign with my current traffic.

global_CPC is the other way to earn while you do not have any campaign running. However, global_CPC is not so performing due to you only gets around RM0.25 per click. You need a lot of clicks to make a lot of money. So better get higher traffic and run campaign.

Besides, make sure that you don’t have any South-East Asia company Ad on your blog. Why? Nuffnang has an exclusive program called – Nuffnang Glitterati. Check out my previous post – My Nuffnang Membership status turn to Ordinary (non-exclusive) from Glitterati!!! to find out more about it. You will love it, trust me.

My first cash out was on 29 October 2007 when I reached RM50 (minimum cash out limit). There will be transaction fee of RM1.00 when you cash out. Nuffnang is using HSBC cheque to pay us. HSBC charges RM0.50 for the service and RM0.50 for the foreign cheque. So total up == RM1.00. So far I still did not face any delay of Nuffnang payment. Keep it up, Nuffnang.

Nuffnang is not the only way to make money online. Be sure to read my other guides to learn more. 😀