NoDoFollow ~ A must have Firefox add-on for SEO

Busy… Busy… Busy with finding lot of dofollow with CommentLuv blogs lately. Without NoDoFollow Firefox add-on, my life will be hard. You need to view the source code of the links one by one without the help of this add-on. By looking at the code, if you find rel=”nofollow”, then the link is not being followed. Therefore, no Google PageRank link juice will be passing to that website. Just imaging that you need to see the source code the manual way. Lot of time will be wasted by highlighting the link, right click, and click on view selection source. Remember that you need to do so on every blog.

NoDoFollow in action

There are 2 colour of links when you enable NoDoFollow Firefox add-on. Purple colour links are dofollow while pink colour links are nofollow. So I cut short lot of work with this little simple add-on. I am on this colour mode for few days. And will be in the coming days too. Did you have this NoDoFollow installed at your Firefox? If no, grab yours now – link.