Passive income is important

Do you have passive income? No… Then you need to find one very soon. I was down with one-handed last few days. Can’t drive to work, and can’t work of course. No work == no income. This is normal for most of the people who don’t have passive income. Of course my company still pay me during my absence due to medical leave policy. Else I will have no income.


I was not able to update my blogs during these times. Luckily, scheduled posting is being used on Else readers will be disappointed and might go away. But look at the bright side, the income still coming from these blogs. Thanks to organic sources like Google, Bing and Yahoo. All the popular old posts still bring the traffic and income. Therefore, blogging is a good passive income generator.

Besides, investing in stock market also bring good passive income. With high dividend yield stocks, you can relax and do almost nothing for the money to come. Of course, you need to invest quite a big amount in order to do so. 😉

Back to the question. Do you have passive income?