Put Google AdSense Ads at the right place

Google AdSense is using pay per click (PPC) method. Therefore, it is required to place the Ad units at the right place at your website. Else nobody or less people will click on your Ads. So how are we going to know which place is the best place? Practice make perfect… Just try placing the ad units at several places. Changing them after few weeks. Don’t be afraid to play around. You will know the highest pay rate place at your website after few months.

For example, my website – JayceOoi.com has a good ad unit spot – Large Rectangle – top. It contributes most of the income for Google AdSense. It has around 1.2% click through rate (CTR) while other ads only have around 0.2% to 0.4% CTR. I only started to put there after months of serving Google AdSense. Anyway, it is not too late for me and you. Just change to the correct place to gain more earning.

Example below is the Large Rectangle – top that I was taking about…

My best earning spot. 😀

Here are the things you need to do.
1. Get a good layout that suits you.
2. Place the ad units at the right places.
3. Change around the ad units’ placement until you get a good earning spot.
4. Don’t be afraid to play around.
5. Keep monitors your Google AdSense performance from time to time.

Hopefully this will help to improve your earning in Google AdSense. 😀