SP Blogger is on WordPress 2.7.1 now

SP Blogger is on WordPress 2.7.1 now. Upgrading to WordPress 2.7.1 from version 2.6 is very easy. By just removing all the WordPress old files, then upload the latest WordPress 2.7.1 files there. And do some changes on wp-config.php to match your DB user and password. Finally, run the upgrade page. Well, that’s all. Pretty easy and no pain faced at all.

The first thing changed in WordPress 2.7.1 that you notice is the layout. I love the new layout. It works perfectly on wide LCD monitor compare to previous 2.6 version.

WordPress 2.7.1 New Post layout

WordPress 2.6 New Post layout

The next thing that I usually when upgrade WordPress engine is to check the compatibility of the plugins that I use. Luckily, all of the plugins does not have issue with WordPress 2.7.1. The custom theme that I am using is okay too. 🙂