Stock market is going up or down?

There was a little bump on the stock market. There are financial issues at China, Europe and even US. Most of the world stock market had been up a lot since March 2009.

DOW last 1 year performance

FBM KLCI last 1 year performance

Lately bump caused most of the index erased previous months gain. DOW back to 10,000 level after dropped 7% from peak. And FBM KLCI was below 1250 after dropped 4.6% from highest point. Shanghai Composite Index dropped 9.7%…

DOW past 3 months performance

FBM KLCI past 3 months performance

And finally the stock that I use to monitor ~ Tanjong PLC. It is still above SMA 50. But going to break it soon if all the stock index still going down.

Tanjong PLC past 3 months performance

Back to the question… Is stock market going up or down? Or a far more correction is coming? Hmm… That’s the question that I cannot answer. Look like the stock market is going for side way. Riding the roller coaster.