Upgrade to WordPress 2.8.2 is as easy as ABC

Yup. I upgraded all my 3 blogs to WordPress 2.8.2 in less than 1 minute. I love this new automatic update from WordPress. It is really as easy as ABC. Why I needed to upgrade all my blogs to version 2.8.2? I should upgrade them one by one to check for any incompatibility that might occur. I missed out that.

I want to make the PageNavi (navigation link at bottom of the page) to look better. I tweak the PageNavi CSS to follow One Theme navigation link style. I managed to make it look almost like One Theme at spBlogger.com but not in JayceOoi.com and PrettyGirl2u.com. Hmm… Why? After troubleshooting, I discovered that PageNavi version 2.5 is in use at spBlogger.com while version 2.4 at the other 2. And I cannot upgrade it to version 2.5 because it cannot support WordPress 2.7. So I decided to upgrade all of them in one shot.

Luckily, nothing unusual happen (for the moment). And I did notice that WordPress 2.8 is faster than 2.7 in post editing. Therefore, I recommend all of you to upgrade to version 2.8.2 as soon as possible. 🙂