Why Nuffnang Glitterati is important?

Nuffnang came out Metered Unique Visitor System last few weeks. I monitor the Buffered Earnings from time to time. Suddenly, my Buffered Earnings drop almost half of previous day earning. I was shocked that time. After that, I discovered that my Buffered Earnings was so low due to my Nuffnang Membership status turned to Ordinary (non-exclusive) again. Immediately, I know what the problem is. One of my website – Forum at JayceOoi.com does not Nuffnang Ads code because I use ADSDAQ Ads code and put Nuffnang Ads code as backup. Somehow, Nuffnang crawlers did not able to read the Nuffnang Ads code at Forum at JayceOoi.com. So the status changed again…

Woo… Being a Nuffnang Ordinary (non-exclusive) status really that bad. Check out the Buffered Earnings on Ordinary (non-exclusive) status and Glitterati status.

Nuffnang Ordinary (non-exclusive)

Nuffnang Glitterati

The earning is almost 125% extra on Nuffnang Glitterati compare to Nuffnang Ordinary (non-exclusive) status. WOW… That’s a lot. However, this might be Nuffnang system bugs too since Metered Unique Visitor System is still new.

So how much is your Buffered Earnings?