Withdraw 2 Google AdSense payments at the same day

I mentioned that Western Union rate is based on Google AdSense payment date previously. I can double confirm it again. I just withdrew 2 Google AdSense payments by using Western Union service through RHB Bank. Both of them have different rate.

2 Google AdSense payments

Err… USD is getting weaker again. I got RM 2321.19 for USD 771.77 (May) and RM 2292.66 for USD 781.13 (June). I should get higher earning in RM for June earning but in other way round due to weaker USD currency rate.

By the way, you need to withdraw Google AdSense earning from Western Union within 60 days. Else the payment will revert back to Google and your future Google AdSense payment will be on hold. Do remember that.

How is your Google AdSense earning nowadays?

  • I always withdraw it as soon as the payment is issued 😛 But now the currency rate drop to 2.93… getting weaker..

    • Me too. Only this time because I am too lazy to go to bank and busy playing with my new Samsung Galaxy S II. 😛

  • The per click rate is getting higher, maybe it is due to the weakening USD.
    Earning has been doubled in July.

    • Good for you. Mine still the same.

  • Around USD 130 for this month.. still far to catch you..
    BTW, do you use competitive ad filter in your blogs?

    • No worry, take your time. 🙂
      Nope, I tried competitive ad filter previously. And result was the same as without it. So I do not put it now.

      • Maybe the results depend on your traffic source.
        Some sites that have lot of traffics from US and India claim their revenue increase.

  • i think agoda.com ad in google adsense is paying more …

  • wow…i just got my first 100usd from adsense this month….ooo man…the usd is lower n lower…hope can cash out soon…hehehe

  • I kena one time before. Didn’t pickup the payment and then Google hold my payment until all the verification steps done :p.

  • Not bad..wow..so high the amount.

  • Wow, that’s a lot! How did you do that?

    • Write quality articles. Readers will come then. Of course, SEO is a must too.

  • congrates Jayce. You always good with adsense. 🙂