Withdraw 2 Google AdSense payments at the same day

I mentioned that Western Union rate is based on Google AdSense payment date previously. I can double confirm it again. I just withdrew 2 Google AdSense payments by using Western Union service through RHB Bank. Both of them have different rate.

2 Google AdSense payments

Err… USD is getting weaker again. I got RM 2321.19 for USD 771.77 (May) and RM 2292.66 for USD 781.13 (June). I should get higher earning in RM for June earning but in other way round due to weaker USD currency rate.

By the way, you need to withdraw Google AdSense earning from Western Union within 60 days. Else the payment will revert back to Google and your future Google AdSense payment will be on hold. Do remember that.

How is your Google AdSense earning nowadays?