Yes… I decided to keep Intel Corporation stock (INTC) NASDAQ

Yup. You did not see it wrong. I decided to keep Intel Corporation stock (INTC) which is NASDAQ. I planed to sell it after the price when up from $16.51 on 14 July 2009 to $18.90 on 20 July 2009. That’s 14.5% increases in 5 days. Woo… Wait the minute… It is 14.5% in 5 days? And I still don’t want to sell it. Am I crazy?


Hahaha… I canceled my sell target price at $18.88 that I set in early morning. Why? This is the stock that given by company. I don’t have US stock account yet. Therefore, I cannot buy/sell the stock directly. Else I will definitely sell it now and buy back later.

Can Intel Corporation stock (INTC) gain more than 10% in 1 year? YES. I can assure that it will go pass $20.00 next year. So I decided to keep it at the end. Besides, I did not need to use that money. Why bother to sell?

My target price for INTC == $22.00 🙂