6th Vibrant Media Payment received

Time flies… I already publish Vibrant In-Text Ads for 8 months. And Vibrant Media does not let me down with its earning. Here you are ~ my 6th Vibrant Media Payment after deducted RM 5.00 processing fee based on 1 USD == 3.0312 RM. Perfect timing to pay my new web hosting fee.

Vibrant In-Text November Earning

If you have website that have more than 500,000 page views per month, feel free to drop a comment here. So that I can refer you to be one of the Vibrant In-Text Ads Publisher too. 😉

  • How to achieve 500k page views in a month? Any secret? Mind sharing? hehe

  • How much traffic (unique visitors) did you get to generate the 2113.63? Then how many people moused over (opened) the Vibrant ad? How many clicks generated that 2113.63. Finally, is the 2113.63 in US Dollars or in RM.

    Thanks. You are an inspiration.

    • Those are in RM. 179,125 unique visitors. And 1,197 clicks.

  • hoho..500k?? so amazing. You have site with that many view…

  • Veron

    Hi! I have contacted you regarding the referral. Hope you can refer me to Vibrant. Thanks!

    • Will try to ask for you. My point of contact in Vibrant still missing in action. 😛

  • erkkkk…if you have 700k per month..you can make money with many program..waaa!

  • 500k per month? would adsense give better earning or vibrant?

    • AdSense is better but Vibrant overtakes it sometimes.

  • I thought the vibrant requirement was 200k per month. I was short with 115k per month but was still approved. The ads are performing okay, but still only a fraction compared to adsense. At least in my case.

    As far as getting approved, don’t worry about the 200k (or 500k) requirement. I think Vibrant uses other metrics like Alexa data, site age, etc.

  • Rashid

    I have 100+ pounds in my account since since 1 January. They have not sent me any payment. Any idea to solve my problem? Thanks in advance.

    • Just contact your account manager to find out.