Another late payment from Innity…

Paid within 45 days? Nope. Innity does not fulfill this commitment anymore. Innity delayed February payment. And it did it again on March payment. No doubt that April payment is going to be delayed again…

Innity March payment

Ouch… Innity hit speed bump. I am getting nothing (almost because only RM0.59 earning for May). Not sure that am I the only one that facing this low earning issue. By the way, I am on technology channel. Anyone out there with technology channel also facing this issue? Or you already quit serving Innity Ads? 😛

  • hehe..i also still waiting..for my payment..

  • I also don’t get anything for May…too bad…Just don’t know what happen to Innity nowadays ? I think Nuffnang is stronger than Innity.

    • I am officially out from Innity. Saw 2 CPM campaigns in my account and disappear before running. Another 1 just ran for 1 day. Really disappointed with Innity. 🙁

  • for me… (message from support)
    their accounting department so bizzy ….

    and they forgot to pay me this month….
    they will accumulate the payment… and pay me next month

    and me hoping their acounting department not so bizzy to pay me next month, and me also hoping that innity accounting department still exist next month

  • Same as me…getting low earning from Innity for Apr & May 🙁 Now going back to Nuffnang.