Buy or sell? That’s the question…

Are you buying stock at FBM KLCI currently? Or you are selling them now? Well… There is no exact right or wrong answer for it. It all depend on own perspective.

Quote from OSK Research…

There is still room before the market reaches the 50-day MAV line. Hence, there is still a possibility of the market retracing all the way to the moving average line from the recent peak. Anyhow, our view towards the near-term market will remain firmly bullish as long as the 50-day MAV line is not violated.

Quote from Maybank Investment Bank…

Tactically, all investors should dispose of their stocks and reduce their positions as the autumn period of great downside volatility will continue. The American and global markets will be under heavy selling pressure and may crash in large daily percentage drops. So, local investors may want to ask the question “Why buy now”? – as we expect significantly lower prices in the next month or two. For funds that maintain the select band of counters that prop the FBM KLCI up, any and every rebound would be an opportunity for smart investors to sell at better & higher levels. SELL! SELL! SELL! Don’t BUY anymore.

So what is your opinion? For me, I just bought some value stocks. Just want follow the famous investor, Warren Buffett who buy stock at the value price, or even better undervalue price. 😉


    Most of the rest shall be at SELL call.

  • @Marco: JTINTER and KASSETS. That’s the first time I see these name. 😛