Managed web hosting ~ HostMonster

Do you still need to manage your web hosting? Well, I don’t. After dump the poor support team ~ SmartTeam hosting, I switched to HostMonster. During SmartTeam hosting, I need to call their support team to tell them that my website database was down. And they did not even know. Come on, what is managed web hosting?

Using HostMonster… I can spend my time focus on writing better articles rather than spending time to call up support team. And I just noticed that my blogs’ bandwidth usage passed 100GB per month. Wow… That is lot of traffic there.

September 2009 bandwidth usage

3 of my main blogs (, and hosted in 1 HostMonster account. Why I prefer HostMonster managed web hosting?

  • Web Hosting Space – Unlimited
  • Gigs of Site Transfer – Unlimited

These are the top 3 priority that I need. And it is only USD 5.95 per month ~ discount now. Isn’t that great? By the way, don’t bother to find free web hosting. I don’t think that free lunch will give such features.