Does your blog keep fit?

Blog also can keep fit? Yup. That’s what I do last few weeks. I am optimizing the blog layout in order to give better look for readers and revenue for me. I put up RSS feed email subscribe again at better location where reader can’t miss it. Got a few new subscribers after that. And removed underperformed Google AdSense link ads. There were lot of clicks but very less revenue generated from it. By removing, the clicks moved to Google AdSense Large Rectangle ads ~ gained a little bit more earning there. And Infolinks ads clicks increased too.

Never be afraid to try something new on your blog layout. We learn from mistakes and improve there.

  • Its hard, do keep your Blog fit. I try it all the time, with my Blogs, but it cost much time, and when the Content is good enough, then the another thinks arent not that important. Just my 2 Cents. 🙂

  • Bro, check this out – Asynchronous Google Analytics. Help in improving the page load time.

  • I’m still struggling for traffic, will do that upon achieving 1000 unique visitors per day.