First look on Nuffnang’s Metered Unique Visitor System

Hmm… Nuffnang always give us something good. However, with its latest Metered Unique Visitor System. It actually gives me lower income. How?

Under this new system, more than one advertiser can buy an X number of unique visitors from each blog. All the earnings earned from this new ad system are recorded under “Buffer Earnings” in the Earnings Tab and for this beta stage will be totaled up with the rest of your earnings once every week.

Nuffnang hopes to achieve with this new system:
1) A better distribution of ads to more bloggers.
2) Lower fatigue resulting in better click-through ratios
3) More income since we can now run multiple advertisers on a single ad unit.

With this Metered Unique Visitor System, I did not get a full week Ads from advertiser. I only get some Ads from several advertisers from time to time. And it does not use up all my Ads space most of the time. Therefore, my earning from Nuffnang drop sharply. Oh No… 🙁

However, this is good for other blogs which have low traffic. If you fall in low traffic blog, you will surely gain something from Nuffnang right now. Do you? Let me know your earning performance with Nuffnang’s Metered Unique Visitor System.