Here is my 5th ADSDAQ payment from PayPal

Woo… I got my 5th ADSDAQ payment from PayPal. This payment consists 2 months earning which are January and February 2009. Both of the months earning are below USD 50. Hoping that ADSDAQ March earning can go above USD 50 again so that I can receive another payment next month.

5th ADSDAQ payment

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  • Hi, I just signed up with ADSDAQ but how do you fill in the “Enter Tax Information” and “IRS W-8 ECI Form” for non-US resident?


  • congrat’s… I want test trying too about this ads method… combined with infolinks…

  • @szehau: Hmm… I just filled in whatever that I know. Leave blank for those that I don’t know.

  • Oh.. thanks!

  • …congrats on your earnings 😀

  • @Wing Loon: Thanks. 🙂

  • I have just joined this site and am waiting for my domains to be approved. I hope I can make payout each month but will need more traffic.

  • do you still earn from this program this month?

  • oby

    please teach me masteer………………

    visit me back pleaseee

  • Dexter

    You are fucking lying and that picture of yours is PHOTOSHOPPED! You can’t make a transaction through paypal without paying them a FEE!!!!!
    And in that stupid photoshopped picture of yours it says: FEE: $0,00 USD


    • Wow… You are good. How do you know that? I photoshopped more than 10 of this kind pictures. 😛