Top 10 best paying country in Google AdSense

Do you know which country has the highest pay rate in Google AdSense? Just login your Google AdSense account. And you can see it at the performance report based on countries. By knowing it, you can focus which country topics / articles that you should write more in your blog. Here is my top 10 best paying country in Google AdSense…

Top 10 best paying country for Google AdSense

As you can see from Page RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) column, United States is the highest paying Page RPM country in my top 10 estimated earnings. Follow by Malaysia which has almost the same page views amount but with much lesser Page RPM. Even United Kingdom and Australia’s Page RPM is higher than Malaysia. In order to earn more from Google AdSense, I should write articles based on countries like United States, Australia and United Kingdom. Rather than Malaysia. And definitely won’t focus on India’s topics because it has the lowest Page RPM.

What is your highest paying country in Google AdSense?