Here you are… 7th ADSDAQ payment

ADSDAQ from contextWeb is still the best performing CPM ads for me. It works well with Google AdSense and Nuffnang Ads. Or should I say that it works with any other ads. By the way, most of the ADSDAQ ads are from US. So get more US visitors to increase the earning.


What is the AskPrice that you set?
There are several sizes ads that you can select from. The AskPrice that I put are $1.50, $3.00 and $5.00. Each of them have different fill rate. Just play around the AskPrice to get the best earning for your site.

What is the fill rate that you got?
Oh, I have around 5% fill rate only. Putting high AskPrice will lower the fill rate.

Any other questions you want to ask about ADSDAQ?

  • I got question 😀

    I have subscribe to ADSDAQ, but whenever the visitor is not from US…the ads will not show up right? Or will it show those public ads? Recent I ask was because if the public ads show up…it will impact my Google click (my concern)?

  • @Ah Hong: Do you see my Google AdSense and Nuffnang Ads when in Malaysia IP? If you use US proxy, you can see some of them showing ADSDAQ ads instead of these two.
    Basically, I put Google AdSense and Nuffnang ads code as ADSDAQ backup ads. So no worry about Google AdSense earning. You still see my Google AdSense earning growing, right?

  • Congrats on the payment Keep it up. You can bring the income even higher.

  • Ohhh…so that’s the trick to maintain the earning. Let me try it now. Thanks ya 🙂

  • Hello… I’m from Malaysia… I have question to ask… How am i suppose to fill the paypal information in Adsdaq? Do i need to register to get the EIN number???

    • Hi Leon, I forgot what need to fill in since I done that years ago. But I don’t think there is EIN number to fill in. Anyway, just ask ADSDAQ Support if you don’t know.

  • @jayce,
    Where r u from? I’m from Malaysia. I just don’t know what to fill in the ITIN/SSN box. They required 9 Digit maximum but Adsdaq says just use my Malaysian Identification number which is 12 digits.

    You see the problem… 🙂 I really hope that you can remember…:)

    • I am from Malaysia as well. I don’t think I have fill in ITIN/SSN. Can’t it be blank?

  • No. You can’t leave it blank… Good News… ContextWEB(ADsdaq) Replies my email at 8a.m this morning.

    For all Malaysian,
    To fill in the SSN/ITIN box, just fill in your Identification number.
    but only to 9 digit(That is the maximum digit can be filled in the box.)
    For example : let say my Identification number is 900912-14-2237(Fill in without the dash)
    So, I just need to fill in

    While the remaining number : 237
    you need to email and tell this remaining digit to them. Should be ok! Hope this helps!