How to get traffic to my website for free?

How to get traffic to my website for free? This is a question that being asked by many of us including me. I have been blogging for almost 3 years. What have I done to increase my blog traffic? Well in short, I took the slow and steady move. Being as an application developer in MNC, I blog for part time only. Therefore, I do not have time that most professional bloggers have. However, it does not stop me from blogging professionally.

JayceOoi_Traffic_Sources traffic sources on November 2009 is the first blog (I called it website for last 2 years as I did not want to admit that it is a blog) that I have. And then and All of them have traffic from search engines for free. I am not going to discuss on every single step here, just high level as most of us know to do so already.

Things that I do to get traffic to my website for free…

  1. Make my website a search engine optimized (SEO) website.
  2. Comment at others’ blog.
  3. Active at famous forums.
  4. Don’t stop learning new stuff

Search engines love SEO websites. You will get lot of traffic there. All you need to do ~ get lot of incoming links as you can. Personally, I don’t blog purposely for search engine. There are some who do so in order to make money online. And it is proven that it work. I would like to have more direct traffic. Why? This mean that your blog is informative and people are willing to visit again. And indirectly, it will bring more incoming links too. Finally, I always keep this in mind.

Write good content, do proper marketing == money money traffic traffic come. 😀

  • Thanks for the informative post. 🙂

  • Info yang bagus..

  • I use blogs as a web tool to store valuable information.
    1. Health & Beauty Tips
    2. Self help related articles and stories.

    I can see the traffic is increasing relatively with the increase of contents.

    A part from that, it serves as a platform to speak out and share opinions.

    Blogs is one of the greatest invention of mankind!

  • I am not involved in any forum, but do agree that informative content will eventually drive direct traffic and search engine loves it.

  • bagus..!!


  • yeah….. u r right…. n the content in the blog must be attractive n infomative….

  • Great sharing, Bro. Appreciate the valuable info given by you. I love the word “Slow and Steady move…” Thanks.

    • Hehe… If can, I want ‘fast and steady move’. Slow == lazy == my excuse. 😛

  • tq for sharing….very interesting..

  • good info and interesting .can you elaborate more on SEO. thanks

    • Sure. Will write something about SEO soon.

  • content is the king, as many of us know. but the SE optimization is the way to go if we want to be on the 1st google page. writing a good content is not enuff if we dont know how to push it to search engine to crawl. good one

  • FTN

    Good one! Been learning and learning.
    Funny thing that I never thought about blog traffic when I started blogging in early 2000.
    All this buzz about blog money, made me start blogging again 🙂

    thanks for the tips!

  • good information sharing.. Happy blogging and make more money.. hehe..

  • bo

    Nice sharing bro. I’ll need to learn up on SEO. Came across of this on a few sites.

  • That’s what I basically do too to get traffic. However it’s about the consistency. The more frequent you do it, the better result you get.

    Elaborating SEO over here

  • I still new with blogging and still don’t understand how SEO work and how google crawl the information.willing to share more?

  • Seo is the lifeline of blogs.

  • Looks like never ending quest for all of us to get more traffic to blog. would like to ask something about adbrite since one of the objective to setup blog is to earn some extra cents.

    Is adbrite good in term of paying and value. I understand that we couldn’t compare adbrite with adsense because adsense is the noble cpc advertiser. But as a Malay content blog owner like me, getting adsense is almost impossible and one way is to search for alternative advertiser.

    So could you please give some insight about adbrite so that I could have some enlightenment. thanks.

    • I tried AdBrite when I started to blog. I dropped it after few days. All time earning == $1.37 😛

      • Ok bro. thanks for the info. It helps me wasting time installing adbrite to blogresipi. 🙂

        So any tips for other advertiser other. Google adsense not qualified. Adsdaq too not qualified.

        • No problem. Good luck on finding the working one for you. 😉

  • getting organic traffic on different search engines means a lot of hardwork. Now how can we get more traffic is not that really easy, but there are some ways to get easy traffic like joining in some social neworking like facebook and twitter and submitting your site to different social bookmarkings. Those exmaples i mentioned is just one example of it.

  • Wow. has a lot of traffic and it means the website is very well optimize for SEO 😉

  • what can i see, you never give up. 🙂

  • SEO for life 🙂

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  • okey

    What is a blog and what is the function or use?