How to recover from Google Panda Update?

How to recover from Google Panda Update? I tried lot of methods like optimizing my website by fixing HTML issues on Google Webmaster Tools. De-index all the category and tag pages from Google search index. All the paged pages (like page 2, page 3) are de-indexed too. But none of them are helping to improve the traffic in my case. So what did I do to improve my blog traffic? daily unique visitors

Finally, is getting back some traffic after international Google Panda Update on April. Recovery is hard and pain. Why? I had to write more quality articles to replace those lost traffic. Yes, the latest increased traffic is coming from new articles. I did not manage to gain back those lost traffic on certain keywords. They are gone forever. But this is not end of the world, we still can write better and more quality articles, right?

  • ya .. sure .. but waiting for your vibrant media and adsdaq performance dude ??? any payment proof with the earning graph ???

    have a great day ..

    • Why wait? You can check back those old articles that I posted.

      • dude .. i am one of your greatest fan and i have checked all your post in this blog more than thrice … waiting for the new one !!! but at the middle you were posting some other thing like share market … that was very irritating … hope you continue with your normal blog reports … think you can also resume your monthly income report .. i think all are waiting for that .. hope you will continue ..

        cheers & good luck …

        • Thanks for your support. 🙂

          Just wondering… What is the benefit of reading my income reports?

          • ha .. ha .. can know what is going on .. can analyses which network is paying better and which will also suit me !!!

            not yet started .. waiting for some traffic to flow …

  • Yeah. I got try to update old posts too. I don’t think it helps as those very old unrelated topic get zero traffic. The best way is publish new articles. Monday seems getting the highest traffic and then until Saturday getting 20% lower. I guess Google is changing the algorithm every month.

  • Lou

    I got slammed by the Panda personally aswell…

    I have been looking for ways around the Google Panda update and I conducted a lot of analysis on my own sites.
    Right here are some tips to think about:

    1) minimize bouncerate on your sites
    2) get rid of/nofollow/noindex thin and low quality webpages
    3) maximize Ctr in the search results (E.g use crazy call to actions and stuff on your page titles)
    4) offer a lot more increased value with your site (boost visitors onpage time)
    5) interlink your site with optimized anchor texts
    6) make use of a privacy policy, about us, contact us, google maps location, SSL, address/phone number, images, subtiles, paragraphs, bulletpoints etc etc (every “achievable” extra quality factors you can think of)
    7) Obtain additional quality links with effective anchor text variation.

    Building backlinks should be done in a very diverse and steady manner.

    Another thing, I’m a ‘beta’ tester of LinkALoha currently and I am seeing GREAT results. I think they are going to open a couple new spots shortly, you guys should check it out. Those guys are awesome

  • Hi Jayce,

    How have you been?

    I did not get slammed for some reason, on any sites. Raief was dropped in PageRank from 4 to 3 but the traffic has stayed fairly consistent.
    I have been going back through older posts and updating them. I also added more advertisements.
    I am updating my older posts with different or similar targeted keywords and changing some of them drastically. I also make sure to include the dates of the update on the top of the article. It seems to bring more traffic to the older posts.
    I guess I was lucky, or maybe I was doing something right all along.
    I thought that all of the advertisements would get me into foul waters with Google but it didn’t seem to matter.
    I am also resubmitting updated posts to feeds and to the search engines.
    My bounce rate has not been affected by increased advertising either and I thought that it would. Strange.

    Keep up the great work and stay steady.


  • Indeed, the recent Google Panda update has drastically cut off the traffic from my blog. Its damn irritating to get less visitors then you deserve.