Google Panda ‘kill’ pro blogger?

Google Panda… You won’t be unfamiliar with Google Panda if you are a blogger who focus much on blog traffic. Google implemented new search algorithm called Google Panda back in end of February 2011. It affect English Google search engine result in US only. Then rolled out to international Google search engine in April 2011. Lot of low quality websites are affected. Some websites gain lot of traffic and some lost. And I noticed some of the Malaysia blogs also are affected with it. From time to time, Google released Google Panda 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 releases. Do they help to improve some of the lost traffic blogs?

Graph 1

Graph 2

Graph 3

Apparently no, based on above graphs from DoubleClick Ad Planner. These websites do not seem to recover from Google Panda attacks. Same apply to me.

Lost is lost… I did not manage to gain back those pages which rank top in the first page of Google search engine. I tried several methods but still failed to recover from Google Panda. So did Google Panda ‘kill’ pro blogger? No, at least for me. I still manage to gain back some traffic by writing more quality articles. Took me 5 – 6 months to fully recover. As I always said, article’s quality is the most important. Of course, writing popular keywords’ articles also help.

Do you manage to recover from Google Panda Update?