Google Panda ‘kill’ pro blogger?

Google Panda… You won’t be unfamiliar with Google Panda if you are a blogger who focus much on blog traffic. Google implemented new search algorithm called Google Panda back in end of February 2011. It affect English Google search engine result in US only. Then rolled out to international Google search engine in April 2011. Lot of low quality websites are affected. Some websites gain lot of traffic and some lost. And I noticed some of the Malaysia blogs also are affected with it. From time to time, Google released Google Panda 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 releases. Do they help to improve some of the lost traffic blogs?

Graph 1

Graph 2

Graph 3

Apparently no, based on above graphs from DoubleClick Ad Planner. These websites do not seem to recover from Google Panda attacks. Same apply to me.

Lost is lost… I did not manage to gain back those pages which rank top in the first page of Google search engine. I tried several methods but still failed to recover from Google Panda. So did Google Panda ‘kill’ pro blogger? No, at least for me. I still manage to gain back some traffic by writing more quality articles. Took me 5 – 6 months to fully recover. As I always said, article’s quality is the most important. Of course, writing popular keywords’ articles also help.

Do you manage to recover from Google Panda Update?

  • Not recover yet. My blog traffic still going downward 🙁 I did some research and read SEO articles. The recent november 2 Google Panda update is about freshness update. 35% of overall queries are affected. Those articles with “time” based content will be affected such as latest mobile phones, product information that changed often or hot topics. It is better to avoid that…

    The list of changes can be found at here.

    The recent panda update is really driving me crazy..

    • Your traffic now lower than April before Google Panda 2.0? You gained 30% more traffic back then, right?

      • Yes. Traffic going up until the highest level on 13 October. Then it go down straight and lost about 50% traffic. One of the reason is that my most popular article is not relevant anymore after iOS 5 release. After that, it is getting harder to rank on new posts.

        Those sites that publish more than 5 posts a day still survive even they have very less content and some scraper sites rank higher than mine..saw a popular site being penalize but it is recover now. Guess the only way out is to publish more good quality content?

        • It has nothing to do with Google Panda if the keyword search trend is going down like iOS 5 case. My ‘HTC HD2’ related keywords search trend is going down too. So need to write more to cover them.

          Hmm… Better write those articles which are not affected by timeline, not product related. Eg, ‘make money online’. The search trend is going up everyday…

          • Change topic to history instead because history never changed and it is forever. Or recipe also can 😛

  • The first Panda Update gave me good result as i gain a lot of traffic but come the recent update, my blog’s traffic is going downward till on 50 UV per day. still learning on how to discover.

  • ken

    Hi Jayce,

    For your recovery, did you noindex or remove any thin content pages or did you just noindex the tags and continue to write additional new quality content?

    • I did noindex pages, tags. But re-enabled them back few months ago. Google Panda has nothing to do with them.

  • So Google Panda is messing the web up. But the old school of quality writing always holds true.

  • For me, the rank dropped but the traffic remain flat or perhaps slightly increase. 🙂

  • memang kacaulah. tapi nasib baik recover semula. Dah dapat balik dah momentumnya.

  • Which websites does google panda affect the most? I read it somewhere that sites that do alot of article spinning were affected by it mostly. Is this true?

  • john123x

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  • Hi Jayce. Do you feel the Panda attack again? I read SEOMoz latest article and they said now is “Penguin” update. I saw my traffic drop around 20%

    • Yes Alvin. was hit again. No changes on my other 2 blogs though.