Innity Performance Network Revisited

My first Innity Performance Network review mentioned the revenue was low. And I stopped using it after 2 weeks. Then, I received some emails ~ Performance Campaigns that most of them are CPC and only 1 CPM. So I decided to have Innity ads to run for 1 month.

Innity September 2009 revenue

As you can see, the Innity revenue was very low at RM3.00 per day in first 2 weeks. And then spiked up to RM20.00 per day. Finally dropped again during end of September. Well, here is the explanation. There are only CPC ads running in first 2 weeks. As I mentioned before, image CPC click rate was extremely low ~ 0.1%. And I don’t like it. Then RM20.00 per day was caused by the CPM ad. Yeah… That’s a very high price CPM ad ~ priced at RM10++ CPM but with frequency cap. It was scheduled to run for 41 days but ran out of limit within 14 days. Innity ad inventory is low. There were only 3-5 CPC ads and 1 CPM ad ran on September.

Overall, Innity does bring revenue but not in a consistent way. If no more CPM ad running, I will take out Innity Ad codes because image CPC click rate really LOW. I prefer steady revenue. 😉

  • Hi, Jayce. Can we put google adsense, adsdaq, innity, nuffnang ads same time in one blog?

    • Woo… A tough question. Nuffnang does not work well with ad network that originates from South East Asia that includes Innity. You will lost Nuffnang Glitterati if you put Innity Ads with Nuffnang Ads.

      So far, I still manage to get all of them in one place with ADSDAQ’s help. I put Google AdSense, Nuffnang and Innity ad codes as part of ADSDAQ backup ads. So I can retain Nuffnang Glitterati status this way. 😉

      • Thanks for the long explanation. Appreciate it very much. 🙂 That’s a good arrangement to put all in ADSDAQ. Great advice.

        • No problem, bro. Just make sure you set the correct ADSDAQ AskPrice to earn to maximum.

  • what is adsdaq?
    plugin or what

    • It is an advertising company. Name changed to ContextWeb.