Innity Performance Network Revisited

My first Innity Performance Network review mentioned the revenue was low. And I stopped using it after 2 weeks. Then, I received some emails ~ Performance Campaigns that most of them are CPC and only 1 CPM. So I decided to have Innity ads to run for 1 month.

Innity September 2009 revenue

As you can see, the Innity revenue was very low at RM3.00 per day in first 2 weeks. And then spiked up to RM20.00 per day. Finally dropped again during end of September. Well, here is the explanation. There are only CPC ads running in first 2 weeks. As I mentioned before, image CPC click rate was extremely low ~ 0.1%. And I don’t like it. Then RM20.00 per day was caused by the CPM ad. Yeah… That’s a very high price CPM ad ~ priced at RM10++ CPM but with frequency cap. It was scheduled to run for 41 days but ran out of limit within 14 days. Innity ad inventory is low. There were only 3-5 CPC ads and 1 CPM ad ran on September.

Overall, Innity does bring revenue but not in a consistent way. If no more CPM ad running, I will take out Innity Ad codes because image CPC click rate really LOW. I prefer steady revenue. 😉