Questions and Answers

Yeah… It is time for questions and answers. I got several questions regarding make money online. I think it is better to share with all of you.

1. How do you know the Innity ads whether it’s CPM or CPC running on your blog?
Nope. Innity report does not show the type of ads that running on your blog. Innity team will send you email when there is a campaign running on your blog. It maybe CPC, CPM, Site Take Over and others.

2. I found that when I put Nuffnang ads as backup ads in ADSDAQ, the preview is getting some error. The error message say make sure your blog ads is putting correctly. Or because I don’t get any Nuffnang ads while preview.
Make sure you put the correct Nuffnang ad code. For your info, Nuffnang ads only work on the domain that you register with Nuffnang. Therefore, it is okay to see “Error matching blog to blogger entry. If you are the owner of this blog, please check that there is no typo in your blog address and that you have pasted the code from the Add Ads page correctly.” error like below.


3. ADSDAQ, I put the AskPrice for 728X90 = $1.50, and 300X250 = $1.50. Is it too high or too low?
There is no right and wrong on how much AskPrice to set. Personally, $1.50 is the minimum that I set. Some ads are $3.00 and $5.00 for the best Google AdSense spot ~ Large rectangle (Just below article title). ADSDAQ earning depends on US traffic. More US traffic == more revenue.

That’s all for now. Let me know if you have any question. I will try my best to help. Cheer. 😉