Internet income report for December 2008

The last month of year 2008 ~ December. How was the internet income? Most of them dropped. The poorest was Nuffnang. Nuffnang contributed RM 15.80 from Ads only. Compare to normal rate ~ RM 90 to RM 100. The rest income came from Nuffnang advertorial. Do some math, you should know how much Nuffnang advertorial bring.

Internet income report for December 2008

Google AdSense – US$ 127.58 (RM 436.96)
Nuffnang – US$ 97.67 (RM 334.55)
ADSDAQ – US$ 50.53 (RM 173.06)
Kontera – US$ 5.93 (RM 20.31)

Grand Total: US$ 281.71 (RM 964.88)

Traffic is getting better. However, Page eCPM from Google is going lower. Same apply to Nuffnang. Luckily, ADSDAQ still performing based on page per view (CPM). Getting steady income from ADSDAQ.

  • Congrats for your earning. Keep up the good work

  • Thanks. 🙂

  • You are getting your revenue from different sources which is good. You should add affiliate marketing in your list. It earns far better than anything from the list above.

  • @charles palma: Any affiliate marketing recommended?

  • I’d recommend putting up: BANS and Ebay Partner Network. You can also sell e-books, themes and other products.

    Check out my blog for income reports.. And try to see what are the sources of income of other bloggers. 🙂

  • @charles palma: Thanks. Will try these out. 😉

  • Ash

    Hey! Well done.

  • @Ash: Thanks. You too keep it up.