Mudajaya Group Berhad ~ A bright future ahead…

Yup. Mudajaya Group Berhad is a bright new star for me. Don’t know why that it caught my eyes and make me to invest on this Construction & Engineering stock. Anyway, I own some of it now ~ a very little. OSK Research made a buy call with target price of RM2.13 (up from RM1.90) and S&P Equity Research made a strong buy call (since February 2008) with RM2.20 from RM1.80. These research firms revised the upside target price so many times. Will MUDAJYA 5085 stock price still go up? Yes, definitely! But how much, that’s the question…

MUDAJYA 5085 stock price from June 2009

Guess what? Mudajaya Group Berhad just got another new project. See below announcement taken from Bursa Malaysia…

The Board of Directors of Mudajaya is pleased to announce that Mudajaya Corporation Berhad, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company has on 28 July 2009 been awarded a contract for the construction of a hospital in Pahang for a total contract value of RM75,388,000.00 (“the Project”) by Mudajaya-Takdzim Joint Venture, which was awarded the said project by Takdzim PMC Sdn. Bhd. on 27 July 2009.

Back to the question, how much can MUDAJYA 5085 go up? The price is RM1.79 as at 29 July 2009. 🙂

  • Seems you chose a right stock, this company have the potential to grow from the awarded project.

  • @阿鸿: Don’t know should I keep it or sell it. 😕

  • SV

    From what I know, Mudajaya has some strategic project – such as power plant construction in India. It also has projects around in middle east and mauritius. Its Price in relation to future Earnings is excellent. If you are a long term (2 years) investor, I beleive it could double in value. However in the short term, 2.10 is a good target.

  • Yes. Mudajaya is good to keep. But too bad that I already sold it just now with RM2.00 target price. 😛

  • Oh, you are into trading? that’s neat. I haven’t though about investing yet, but I really like Aman’s blog BullBattleBear, it talks about trading a lot.

  • dear members
    i bought mudajaya 50,000 shares at RM 1.50… i have not sold yet.. i am a small millionaire now… thanks