2009 Stock Investment Review

Yeah… 2009 was a very good year for investment no matter in stock market or unit trust. The bull had been running from March until end of the year. It was a little bit flat at the end but up a lot in overall during year 2009.

FBM KLCI 2009 performance

Wow… I started to invest in stock market back in middle of year 2006. Lost lot of money until end of year 2008. Invested in some ‘dangerous’ stocks (gain fast & lose fast). Bought called warrants too. Whenever I look back those years, I laugh. How silly am I back then?

I started to invest late in year 2009. And set target to earn RM 20k in stock market that year. And I achieved it. However, it just managed to cover past few years losses. So year 2010 is a new start for stock investment. I paid lot of education fee and it’s time to gain it back.

What did I do in year 2009 compare to year 2006-2008? I studied stock research firm reports. Be aware of the current economy trend. I selected recommended stock to invest. I did my own analysis of course rather than follow research report blindly. I did not ‘play’ called warrant anymore. And invest in high dividend stock only. Focus on less than 10 stocks only like Tanjong PLC, Mudajaya and IOICorp… By the way, I did lend some money by using stock margin facility. It helped me to buy stock even that I did not have such amount of money. Else I could not reach my year 2009 target.

Looking forward ~ year 2010. This is not a smooth year to invest. Most of the stock price already reached the fair value in year 2009. But it is not impossible to make money this year. So I set another high target for me ~ RM 30k. Let’s fight for it. 🙂