Mudajaya Group Berhad ~ too bright already?

I owned MUDAJYA 5085 last 2 weeks. I sold it at RM2.00 which I thought was good price. However, I was wrong…

A sharp increase in stock price

MUDAJYA 5085 performed better than expected. The stock price increased 50% in 5 days (just after I sold it. 😛 ) Well, is MUDAJYA going too far already? Nope, based on OSK Research. It revised MUDAJYA target price to RM4.06 on 6 August 2009. If this is real, MUDAJYA still have lot of up side to go.

What do you think? Buy it or hold on because the sudden 50% price increase is too much already…

  • Jys

    haha, sometimes it’s just so hard to predict…

    i guess as long as you get profit, it’s good enough lar.. sometimes cannot be greedy lor…right?

  • @Jys: Yaya… But can earn more is good. Everybody loves it. 😉