Nuffnang certified as good make money online tool

Nuffnang certified as good make money online tool by This is the first make money online tool that being certified. How does Nuffnang get the certification? Firstly, it needs to contribute 10 payments on time. Their support must be good too. Finally, earning from Nuffnang also need to be fine of course.

10th Nuffnang cheque received

By the way, with the 10th Nuffnang cheque received. I will not longer to post any Nuffnang cheque on monthly basis. Will only post the Nuffnang payment that has bigger amount than the previous like the 8th payment ~ RM 733.67. Therefore, no need to worry that Nuffnang does not pay.

If you are blogger in Malaysia, be sure to sign up at Nuffnang to make money online.

  • hmm..I’m not able to make much money from Nuffnang too..your traffics must be huge and able to hit that much.. Gonna learn more from you d Jayce..
    Btw, most of your traffics from search engine or ?

  • Can I photostat one for myself? lol, ignore my nonsense. Congratz Jayce

  • @Make Money Online: My earning from Nuffnang dropped already. Traffic is better compare to previous months. But Nuffnang earning became less and less. Hmm…
    Yup. Most of the traffics are from search engines. Google is still the best of all. 😀

    @ahmike: Sure. Just take it and change to your name. 😛

  • I just start to move here, and the earning seem to be ok a bit then advertlets, still waiting for my 1st cheque… haha

  • Good… Good… Nuffnang is definitely better than Advertlets. Advertlets still not paying my friend since April 2008.

  • …congrats, I am still waiting for my 1st cheque too, 🙁

  • @Wing Loon: Advertlets first cheque? When did you cash out?

  • Would you recommend nuffnang to a blogger in UK? I am stil using adsdaq and adsense, and my adsense is fairly good

  • @Laura: Nuffnang is only for Asia for the moment. ADSDAQ and Google AdSense should serve you well. You might want to try out Infolinks.

  • i Make money online using the very popular Google Adsense program. i also tried Amazon affiliate program but i dont earn that much from amazon.

    • I tried Amazon affiliate program too but earn nothing. 😛

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