Nuffnang delisted as certified make money tool

It is sad to see Nuffnang go away from the certified make money tool list. Nuffnang served me well for the past 3 years. I stopped publishing Nuffnang Ads on after slow Nuffnang Ads loading issue. And moved to another publisher account 3 months ago. Surprisingly, did not get any mCPM advertisement since then. And I got nothing for this blog too.

Another reason to stop publishing Nuffnang Ads ~ low earning. My blog traffic increased from year to year. However, Nuffnang earning does not reflex directly on that. So I know that Nuffnang will be gone sooner or later. And it is now.

Once again, thanks Nuffnang for providing support for the past 3 years. You did serve me well back then.

  • So nuffnang is going to bankrupt soon? Any other alternatives?

    • Won’t bankrupt la. Adverlets still can survive until now even having bad reputation…
      Local advertising company? Nope. I tried almost all of them. And none of them are performing. 🙁

      • So far, I have never used any local advertising company. 😀

  • I am experiencing the same thing as you, my ads stop serving for past 3 months, my traffic is very good, but don’t know why no ads at all. Nuffnang’s seems to be under performing… I am thinking to stop Nuffnang ads also.

  • Yes. Nuffnang is bad. I get revenue from other provider but not a single cent from Nuffnang. I am also withdrawing from Nuffnang soon. any other providers to suggest?

    • Google AdSense 🙂

      • i change to Advertlets. Seems good because they pay me rm3-rm5 per day after i try it for few days ago..

        • Good luck on getting the cheque when cash out. Advertlets has bad records of that. Read my posts for more info. 😛

          • i know about that. but i already get paid from them. 🙂

  • emm..i earn well from nuffnang. Manage to reach at least rm50 every month. But i agree its different if we compare with 2-3 years ago..

  • The metered ads from Nuffnang is getting lesser and lesser. Is that happens to you guys as well?

  • I have tried using Nuffnang but I am not getting any ads for my celebrity blogs and its high traffic so I stop using it and back with Adsense but right now I am combining different ad networks in my blog to check which ads will work best in my blog..Right now I am getting good results in combining different ad network.

  • How long does it take to receive Nuffnang ads?

    • You should get it after you added the Ads code.