Can a blogger earn RM500 per month?

Can a blogger earn RM500 per month? These are the keywords that show up in my Google Analytics account. Interesting keywords indeed. Can a blogger really earn RM500 per month? Yes and no. It is depended on bloggers.

Earning RM500 per month is not an easy task. It took me 15 months to achieve that. Some lucky bloggers take less time. However, most of the bloggers take longer approach. Are you the lucky one? If no, it’s time for you to learn how to earn money by blogging. Blogging is not just posting whatever you like. You cannot make much money this way. The approach that I took ~ search engine optimization (SEO). Be friend with search engines. They will bring lot of visitors to you then. Or write your blog creatively like one of the Malaysia famous bloggers ~ Kenny Sia.

I cannot write the way like Kenny. I don’t blog about my life. I write mostly in software, hardware, photography and mobile topics now. And talk about travel, food and drink sometimes. Of course, I do write some popular search engine keywords’ topics too (when I have the mood. Don’t purposely find popular keywords and blog).

Learning is the key. And do get your own domain like ‘’ directly if you really want to make money online. A little bit investment is must. Don’t bother to use free blogspot or hosting then migrate. Get your own domain NOW!!! That’s the first step…