Put health in the first place!!!

I was sick for the last 2 weeks. Planned to make it recover by itself without consult doctor and take medicine. But failed and sickness went even worst. So I suffered for even longer period. This is a post to remind myself not to wait but to consult doctor immediately. The productivity was very low during sick time. And it is not a very good investment to let it recover by itself.

Sick? Consult doctor right away!!!

  • Health is the most valuable asset and can’t even buy using money. So, take good care my Brother. Hope you are feeling well now.

    • Thanks God. I am 99% recover. But my blog traffic just got hit by Google latest Panda update.

  • Agree and I hope the sickness is not coming from your hard work of blogging. Take care 🙂

  • Take care bro. Don’t push yourself too hard. Health is important