Put your photo at Gravatar

Have you heard about Gravatar before? I knew this for quite some time. But I am too lazy to upload my photo there. Hehe… Finally, I put my photo at Gravatar in the end. Don’t tell others… I just uploaded it after blogging for 2 years. 😛


Above is the photo that you will see when you left a comment on Gravatar enabled blog. Currently, I did not enable Gravatar on my theme that I am using right now due to slow Streamyx Internet connection. Will turn in on when connection is back to normal. When will be? Don’t ask me. Ask TM Net Streamyx. Haha…

So what is the benefit? Other will know that it is you that comment. And make sure that you use an attractive photo to catch others’ eyes.

  • putting your pic on avatar help promoting ur name free and gain more trust. I just update my avatar …it very easy actualy..

  • Thanks for the comment for my sites. Yor site looks cool too. wanna exchange links.

  • @skamaru: Thanks for your comment too. I added your link. Please add mine too. Let me know when you have done it. Thanks. 😀

  • Gravatars are best way to show our uniqueness when we make comments in others blog. I have been using it for sometime now and have very much helped me promote my name. You see my eye, you know it me! 😛

  • Hahaha jayce I remember that photo.When I came for the first time to your blog I thought it was a traveling blog because I saw the word “paradise”. Good work jayce with your blogs 😀