revisited ~ better than before?

An Anonymous commented that I did something wrong in He said that he could get 165 results while I got 1 only. I retested and still got 1 result back. He was so good that he called and discovered that it was a bug in Firefox. Finally, I got 88 results in the end.

I started using the 88 lists generated by on 11 April. I used the keywords on the most clicks page. I usually got around 20 to 40 clicks on that page along. I should get lot of earning by using the list from, right? No, not really. I checked Google Analytics. I still see US$0.01 per click. Below is the first half of April earning from Google AdSense.


No real increase in the earning. And I got 2 days of lower than average performance. So what did I do? I removed the lists from Google AdSense Competitive Ad Filter.

Just in case that you want to know. I am using the lists below.

  • ehm..adsblacklist? I guess i will do something about that.

  • Jayce, the list that you generated from AdsBlackList is just 200 black listed site among thousand or millions site, we couldn’t be able to block all of them. With that said, we still have the chance to get $0.01 per click, we just block a small part of them, but better than nothing?
    But since you experienced the lowest earning in a month after trying that, then you should take it down. Update us your earning after taking down okay? 😀
    Btw, you have very good earning pr day Jayce, mind to tell the daily earning from how many blogs and sites? 😛

    Ka Hoong

  • Hmm…I don’t think I will try this after seeing your research 😀

  • @Make Money Online: Daily earning also around USD 4-5 after taking down. Most of the earning comes from and only help a little bit due to less traffic.

  • rem

    i tried! least few,very few.thanks spblogger! w0w amazing,ur online income..

    ps;my hometown in SP also~:D

  • Jys

    I did try on this too, but i didn’t see any increasing..

  • what do u mean by that list…cant understand… sorry
    what is it for?

  • I also tried the adsblacklist but no much difference to the earnings of adsense. Anyway, I still giving it more time to try the result. By the way, you have very nice adsense earning. Great job!

  • Adsblacklist seems to work for about a week, then it needs to be updated.
    I wonder if they really check these sites because I have seen in the pending list for well over a month.
    One bad side is that if you have an advertiser that only pays 1 cent per click, and you eliminate him, you may get PSAs because of low ad inventory.
    Then instead of getting say 1000 penny clicks, you get zero clicks.
    I use them from time to time, but I also try to keep a sharp eye on my ads that are running as well.

  • Sounds like you are taking a risk (using adsblacklist) if you are already making money with adsense.