revisited ~ better than before?

An Anonymous commented that I did something wrong in He said that he could get 165 results while I got 1 only. I retested and still got 1 result back. He was so good that he called and discovered that it was a bug in Firefox. Finally, I got 88 results in the end.

I started using the 88 lists generated by on 11 April. I used the keywords on the most clicks page. I usually got around 20 to 40 clicks on that page along. I should get lot of earning by using the list from, right? No, not really. I checked Google Analytics. I still see US$0.01 per click. Below is the first half of April earning from Google AdSense.


No real increase in the earning. And I got 2 days of lower than average performance. So what did I do? I removed the lists from Google AdSense Competitive Ad Filter.

Just in case that you want to know. I am using the lists below.