Second Infolinks payment received via PayPal

Yeah… Second Infolinks payment is in my hand now. I got it in my PayPal account now. It took me 3 months to reach the cash out limit. The first payment took 7 months. If nothing go wrong, the next one need only 2 months. It is what I call improvement and looking forward to get monthly payment from Infolinks.

Infolinks December 2009 payment

Infolinks pay rate is lower than Google AdSense but have higher click through rate. Maybe Infolinks does not look like an advertisement. What do you think?

  • So happy to know that Infolinks works well for you. I find it difficult to reach the first payment ($100). May be next time you can teach us the tricks…hehe.

  • i still try hard to earn from this program. Did infolinks affects pagerank?

    • Nope. It is not a real text link. So no worry.

  • The higher CTR make sense because I didn’t aware that is one of the ads. But when I look on Google ads, most of the time I won’t click it anymore 😀

    • Same here. Webmasters don’t click on ads easily because they all know that these are ads.

  • Hi Jayce. Do infolink ads can co-exist with site that serve Adsense?

    • Yes. I am using them together now. You can see them in action on this blog too.

  • I’ve just started using infolinks…and till now ..its going good…i’ve earned $44 in first week itself…hope to make around $200 till april completes.

    • Wow… That’s a lot. You must have lot of traffic to earn that. Congrats. 😉

      • Well its 26th of the month and m over $150 . just need to work hard in the last 4-5 days of this month to get around $200 in my first month of infolinks .

        • Cool… I will get around $90 only this month.

  • saran

    I started using infolinks. I’m new to paypal too. So please help me.

    In InfoLinks Account->Edit Payment Details->Choose Form of Payment

    they have the options in that for Paypal Account: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    for that what should i give..I didnot received any number from paypal still now.
    tell me the procedures to get started the transactions with paypal..

    • Well bro , in that field , just enter ur paypal email address.

  • saran

    thanks I will do that..

  • I only earns a cent in infolinks but I am very positive that I can reach what you guys reached in infolinks, thanks.