Sign up HostMonster Web Hosting now!!!

Err… I hate HostMonster Web Hosting. was offline for 2 hours today during lunch time. HostMonster support team was doing something to fix the issue. And don’t want to let me know the issue that they were fixing. But why sign up HostMonster Web Hosting then? Well… I have been using HostMonster Web Hosting for 2 years. I did face several downtimes. But there downtimes were less than 10 hours in 2 years (there might be some downtime that I am not aware). site performance from Google Webmaster Central

Okay… I would like to thanks HostMonster support team for speed up my blog ~ I am doing research to improve blog loading speed since Google implemented website speed as one of the factors in search ranking algorithms. I use WebPagetest to test blog loading speed. I got around 15s load time for first view previously. And got it below 8s after this maintenance. Check out web page performance test result here. So what are you waiting for? Sign up HostMonster Web Hosting to speed up your blog performance and improve your ranking in search engines. 😉

  • My server having intermittent high load recently and the hosting keep on saying they are looking at it. Hope they solve the problem once for all. Woohoo…I love speed optimization.

    • Yeah… Your blog is faster than mine. Less ads. 🙂

  • It is not clear how Google check loading speed. Do they just check for ping response or wait for the whole page to be loaded.

    As of now, I haven’t heard anyone complaint their site lossing rank because of speed. Shall be an interesting issue to watch out in near future. 🙂

    • Yaya… Not much information shared by Google. Will wait and see.

  • em..not many people use hostmonster. But i’m already instrested with hostmonster, hostgator and bluehost. I already have hostgator.. Now, i seek for another webhosting for my next project..might be will take between, hostmonster, bluehost or justhost..

  • I have hosmonster account. DNS is slow 🙁