Stock market ~ I am back…

Stock is not a new thing to me. I started to invest in stock market back in year 2006. Waited for 10 years economy crisis cycle since 2006. Plan to put more money in there when economy crisis hit bottom. We can earn more in this situation. Finally, it happened on year 2008…

A new investor like me faced the common issue ~ buy high and sell low. I did lot of mistakes during there years. And it does scare me from entering the stock market. My luck is not so good. The stock price will drop when I buy it and go up when I sell it. See my previous ramblings on this…

IOICORP performance

IOICORP was the first stock that I bought this year. I managed to buy low and sell high. I bought it at RM4.1 and sold at RM4.44 the next 2 days. That’s 8.29% increment. Far more than fixed deposit rate at 2.5% per year. This is the power of stock market. You can earn lot of money in a very short time. Loss money in the same way too.

  • i’m not sure if buying stocks for just below 500 units is good or not but i felt the units i bought is not enough for me to get dividends! and whoever has bought TNB’s stock will make profit liao!

  • I believe IOICORP worth more than RM5.00. Why sell it now? I believe we shall make at least 30% when we bought during the crash market.

    You may consider BAT now, RM42.00 only at this moment as Amanah Raya is disposing it.

    I will buy it at RM41 and below. Bought in 100 units today at RM41.

  • @Marco: Yes. ICICORP will go up more than RM5.00. It is depend on CPO price and started to go up now. 🙂

    Is BAT dividend high?

  • wow. so, how your income? Up or down?

  • @ohmelayu: Still down. 🙁