Intel Larrabee Killed == AMD + NVDA Up Up Up!!!

Intel first Larrabee chip’s retail release has been canceled. What does this mean? Intel will not be able to compete with AMD and Nvidia next year in GPU war.

INTC, AMD and NVDA intraday performance on 7th December 2009

Both AMD and Nvidia stock price spiked to 8% and 12% after this announcement. I also sold Intel stock at USD 20.50 after knowing this. Hmm… Can INTC still going up? Yes. But not in this few weeks until the next quarter annual report announcement. And it depends on the annual report. Based on the INTC historical record, it really hard to perform like Apple Inc. stock AAPL which already back to its highest level after 2008 economy crisis. INTC was around USD 27.00 back then.

Be sensitive in every area if you want to invest in stock market.