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Yes! My Internet income broke RM 2,000 level finally. Although it is just a spike that cannot maintain, but I am happy with it. Google AdSense was the only one that brought less revenue. CPM Ads did help a lot when traffic increased. Nuffnang and Innity fought very hard and ended Nuffnang won the game in October after loss in September. “Nuffnang vs Innity”, which one will be the winner in the end?

Internet income report for October 2009

Google AdSense – US$ 224.47 (RM 764.32)
Nuffnang – US$ 160.76 (RM 547.42)
Innity – US$ 157.46 (RM 536.18)
ADSDAQ – US$ 117.04 (RM 398.52)
Infolinks – US$ 45.28 (RM 154.17)

Grand Total: US$ 705.01 (RM 2400.61)

Innity Performance Network is a bright star (when I get the payment. It delayed September payment. Else I should get it by now. Hopefully, it won’t happen on October payment as well). No payment (or delay payment) makes me thinking of Advertlets. Advertlets is still not paying bloggers nowadays. And getting payment from Advertlets is a tough task. You need to write blog post to ask for your payment like I did. Else you will end up getting nothing.

Remember… More traffic will bring more revenue. 😉


Traffic == Income

Yup. The more traffic that you get from your websites, the higher income you will get. I am on turbo mode early this month when ADSDAQ performed extremely well (for few days only) and turbo mode again this few days when Innity Performance Network is crazy also. Woo… I am a little bit tired but happy with the result.

JayceOoi.com weekly traffic from Nuffnang

Getting 5000 visitors per day is still a very far way to go. Maybe I set a too high target already. 3000 daily visitors should not be a problem on JayceOoi.com next birthday. Hmm… Need to work hard to reach there.

2 days left on October. On my daily checking on revenue (yup. I do daily checking on online income), October should be the highest income month so far. Nuffnang and Innity are fighting very strong. But Innity might not able to beat Nuffnang due to less CPM ads show already. And it still has RM100 to go. A very tough fight indeed. By the way, both of them beat ADSDAQ. Wow…

However, November is another story. Nuffnang don’t have much earning to bring over. Innity should win Nuffnang easily if performance is maintained. Innity == a bright new star? Yes, when I get the first payment. 😉


Yeah… ADSDAQ is on turbo mode. Huh? What is turbo mode? Oh, I mean the ADSDAQ revenue increase a lot lately. I received an email from ADSDAQ stated that lots of new advertisers on ADSDAQ network on Q4 2009. This mean more revenue for publishers.

First 2 days earning on October

Wow… USD 14.00 for the first 2 days of October. This is great. I got around 3-5% fill rate normally. And it increased to 10% fill rate right now. If this continues until end of month, ADSDAQ earning will be more than double.

So what are you waiting for? Get more traffic for your website. I am also in turbo mode now. 😀


Welcome Innity Performance Network to the advertising family. Innity bought very good revenue last month. A detail review will be coming up. Besides Innity, all the other advertising networks’ revenue increased except Google AdSense due to I replaced some Google AdSense ad placements with Innity. Anyway, last month was the highest earning month ever.

Internet income report for September 2009

Google AdSense – US$ 190.22 (RM 649.69)
ADSDAQ – US$ 89.15 (RM 304.56)
Innity – US$ 84.99 (RM 290.30)
Nuffnang – US$ 73.36 (RM 250.59)
Infolinks – US$ 31.94 (RM 109.09)

Grand Total: US$ 469.66 (RM 1604.23)

Focus on getting more traffic not revenue. This is what I always say lately. Yup, it is true. More traffic will bring more revenue. 😉


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10th ADSDAQ payment

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