Here you are… 7th ADSDAQ payment

ADSDAQ from contextWeb is still the best performing CPM ads for me. It works well with Google AdSense and Nuffnang Ads. Or should I say that it works with any other ads. By the way, most of the ADSDAQ ads are from US. So get more US visitors to increase the earning.


What is the AskPrice that you set?
There are several sizes ads that you can select from. The AskPrice that I put are $1.50, $3.00 and $5.00. Each of them have different fill rate. Just play around the AskPrice to get the best earning for your site.

What is the fill rate that you got?
Oh, I have around 5% fill rate only. Putting high AskPrice will lower the fill rate.

Any other questions you want to ask about ADSDAQ?