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Haha… I forgot to post about my 2nd Blogads payment when I want to post the latest Blogads payment that I received today. All the payments are from the same advertiser, Crucial. And I got a new advertiser, Spexclub which will run for 1 week at JayceOoi.com now.

Blogads October Earning

How is your Blogads earning? Getting better?


Yeah… It’s payment day for Blogads. Started to publish Blogads ad on August 2010. And here you are ~ my very first PayPal payment from Blogads.

Blogads August Earning

Why do I want to show advertising payment? This is a proof that advertising company does pay. And proof that my income report is not make up. 😛

Kontera, Infolinks and follow by Vibrant… These are the in-text ads that I tried and still publishing 2 of them. So which one of them is the best? Let’s find out…

Vibrant earning

I started to publish Vibrant in-text ads on JayceOoi.com since June 2010. The first month performance was outstanding due to many big advertisers. However, earning dropped in the follow months. Luckily, back up from bottom last month.

Infolinks earning

As for Infolinks, I still publish it on this blog. June earning == US$ 5.29, July earning == US$ 3.16, August earning == US$ 1.33 and September earning == US$ 1.08. Oh my, the earning is dropping each month. Will it drop below US$ 1.00 this month?

Kontera… I did not try it again (because Kontera had a bad earning record) even after several emails from its business development manager. Why? I planned to try out Vibrant for a quarter then test out Kontera. Decided not to when I found out that My Tech Quest blogger regretted to switch to Kontera from Infolinks.

I made a good decision to publish Vibrant in-text ads. It is the best in-text ad in the market for me. Time tells everything… If you are good, you will perform in long run. Let’s see Vibrant can continue to perform or not. 😉


Yeah… I got my 6th Innity Performance Network payment already. This time is not a cheque but direct banking transfer. The payment was done on 16 August 2010 and it was not floating like cheque clearance.

Innity June payment

I only enable CPM campaign in Innity Performance Network. And the earning depends on advertisers a lot. I will get very less income from Innity if few CPM campaigns are assigned. Why I disable CPC campaign? Image ads do not work well in CPC mode. Fewer clicks compare to CPC text link ads like Google AdSense on the same above the fold placement. Seem like Malaysian don’t like to click on image ads.

Do you click on ads?


Vibrant In-Text Ads ~ The Best In-Text Advertising that I have even joined. The popular technology websites that I visit such as DailyTech and GSMArena are publishing Vibrant In-Text Ads too. So you don’t need to have any doubt about the revenue that it will bring. Based on my observation, it did not show any ads on Malaysia IP and working on US traffic only. And it serves ads from premium brand advertisers like Microsoft, Intel, Newegg… End result == high revenue.

Vibrant In-Text Revenue for June 2010

Wow… US$ 0.56 per click

By the way, your site must generate a minimum of 500,000 page impressions of traffic per month in order to join Vibrant In-Text Ads. However, I was given a chance by Mike Dean, the Director, Business Development at Vibrant Media to have a trial. Payments are sent out 45 business days after the end of the month. There are 3 payment options ~ ACH/direct deposit (US only), wire transfer and cheque. I selected wire transfer to my local bank ~ Public Bank in Malaysia. Let’s wait and see how long does it take and any processing fee incur.

Let me know if your site have more than 500k page impressions per month, I am happy to be your referrer to join Vibrant Media Network. You will be a happy publisher like me. 😉