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Here you are… My 9th ADSDAQ payment from PayPal. ADSDAQ will be known as Certified Make Money Tool at end of this month. By that time, I should get the 10th payment from it. Yeah!!!

9th ADSDAQ payment

ADSDAQ will be ranked as No 2 in spBlogger.com just after the champion ~ Google AdSense. Keep performing, ADSDAQ. 🙂


Innity ~ another local advertising company that founded in 1999. I just know it this year. Anyway, I don’t trust local advertising company much after Advertlets payment issue. I saw Deimos Tel`Arin tested Innity and said that did not like how it performed. I don’t want to try Innity after seeing that. However, Edward Khoo commented that Innity is better than Nuffnang. And he earned RM40++ per day from Innity. Woo, this is good. Therefore, I decided to give a try myself. Failed with PrettyGirl2u.com submission. Tried again with JayceOoi.com and approved.

I tested Innity Performance Network with 3 common ads ~ rectangle, leaderboard and skycraper ads. Played them around for 2 weeks. The earning for first 5 days looks good. It had some CPM ads running. However, there are same ads running on the sixth day but no paid impressions at all. After that, just a little 62 paid impressions on 8th and 1 paid impression on 10th. I started to wonder how Innity Performance Network system works…

The is a backup ad function in Innity which it called Alternate Ad Management. It should display your backup ad when there are no Innity targeted ads running. However, it does not work properly (did not display my backup ad) and have no option to turn off CPC ads. Who want to have image CPC ad? The click rate is way too low. I like ADSDAQ, it will only display its CPM ads and display your backup ad while no in house ads. I want to have CPM image ads only. CPC is for text ads.

Another thing that I don’t like most ~ no reply when ask question. I submitted a support ticket asking ‘Why no Paid Impressions on 10 August 2009’ on 11 August 2009. I resubmitted again with Innity contact us page the next day. No reply at all until now. Same like Advertlets ~ no reply when asking for payment. Only reply when you blog about it. Come on, please be a little bit professional.

Anyway, here is the past 2 weeks Innity Performance Network earning that I have. You make the call, should you use Innity Performance Network?

Innity Performance Network earning


We don’t like to see server to be offline. I faced problem to load my websites that publish ADSDAQ ads this morning. After troubleshooting, I discovered that it was ADSDAQ that causing the problem. I waited for 6 hours and the problem is still there. I removed all the ADSDAQ ad codes in the end. Took me around 15 minutes to update website theme.


This is the first time that I faced server issue with ADSDAQ from ContextWeb since last 1 year. No server has 100% uptime. Just make sure that we do preventive action to keep the business running. No worry. ADSDAQ will be back online soon. Hopefully no data was loss. 😛


Yeah… It’s payment period. I received payment from ADSDAQ and Google AdSense on the same day. This is my 8th ADSDAQ payment using PayPal. You can select Electronic Funds Transfer (US only), Pay by Check or PayPal as the payment method. I selected PayPal because it is the fastest method for me since I am not a US resident.

8th ADSDAQ payment

ADSDAQ from contextWeb is still the best performing CPM ads for me. Do you have it on your website? If no, hurry head to ADSDAQ website to sign up. No worry, it works fine with Google AdSense. 🙂


ADSDAQ from contextWeb is still the best performing CPM ads for me. It works well with Google AdSense and Nuffnang Ads. Or should I say that it works with any other ads. By the way, most of the ADSDAQ ads are from US. So get more US visitors to increase the earning.


What is the AskPrice that you set?
There are several sizes ads that you can select from. The AskPrice that I put are $1.50, $3.00 and $5.00. Each of them have different fill rate. Just play around the AskPrice to get the best earning for your site.

What is the fill rate that you got?
Oh, I have around 5% fill rate only. Putting high AskPrice will lower the fill rate.

Any other questions you want to ask about ADSDAQ?